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Feature linked labels

You can link an existing TEXT or MTEXT entity in your drawing to a GIS property value of a feature layer feature. To create the link, use the Esri_PickLabel command from either the command line or the GIS Contents pane. You can remove label links when they're no longer needed using the Esri_RemoveLabel command.

If the feature layer supports editing, any changes you make to the linked CAD text entity update the GIS property value of the linked feature, and any changes you make to the GIS feature attribute value update the CAD text entity. The feature attribute value and the text of the entity are updated whenever the GIS property is evaluated. If the feature layer does not support editing, the contents of the GIS feature attribute will always override the value of the CAD text entity when the GIS feature attribute is evaluated. The GIS feature attribute is evaluated whenever you open the attribute table or Identify or when you synchronize a web feature layer. For web feature layers, the links are re-established to the text entities when you synchronize or discard edits. You can link feature attribute field values to most kinds of fields. You cannot link reporting fields to text or block attribute values.

You can also relate text entities in your drawing regardless of whether they are linked as a label. The command for relating entities is Esri_RelateText. When text is related, any change to one text value updates all the other text entities in the relationship. This is convenient when you have a long feature (such as a river or road) that may have many associated text entities as labels along the route of the feature. This command works on all AutoCAD TEXT and MTEXT entities regardless if they are linked to ArcGIS features.

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