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Make Maps that Matter in Minutes

ArcGIS Online offers a complete, cloud-based geographic information system of the world.
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Create a map

20 minutes


Create a web map as part of an investigation into hospitals in Clark County, Nevada.

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Create an app

20 minutes

Create a web app to share your business site proposal.

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Solve a spatial problem

25 minutes

Use analysis tools to identify campgrounds that are within range of an invasive weed.

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Set up an ArcGIS organization

60 minutes

Configure the site for a new ArcGIS organization.

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Go 3D with the scene viewer

80 minutes

Create a 3D scene showing Florida's beaches and inlets.

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Work with surveys

95 minutes

Survey safety prevention measures and create an inventory of emergency assets using Survey123 for ArcGIS.

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What can you do with ArcGIS Online?

Work with 3D GIS

Gain a new perspective by visualizing your information in 3D. Use 3D GIS capabilities to address problems that cannot be addressed in a 2D context.

Perform analysis

Combine information from multiple layers and apply spatial operations to address a wide range of problems. Explore and visualize your results to make decisions and gain deeper insights.

Access Living Atlas

Jumpstart your GIS with Living Atlas of the World, a curated, global collection of the best available maps, apps, and data from ArcGIS users and Esri and its partners.

Manage data

Make your data come alive. Share features and more by publishing layers others can use in their maps and scenes. Enable editing to collect community feedback.

Share your work

Share your rich geographic information items to reach your users. Put your valuable information to work by providing access through numerous apps and Story Maps.

Use apps

ArcGIS apps are focused interfaces and tools for your maps, scenes, and data. ArcGIS Online comes with dozens of apps that enable your organization to get its work done.

Discover and manage items

ArcGIS Online gives you access to a searchable GIS of the world with a broad range of maps, scenes, layers, analytics, and apps contributed by the GIS community, your organization, and you. These items are organized into information galleries so you can quickly discover content that’s relevant for your work.

Administer your organization

From configuring custom roles and security settings to managing licenses to viewing usage reports, ArcGIS Online includes everything you need to administer your organization.

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