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Creates an association between a feature attribute value and a text entity after specifying a feature layer and selecting the feature entities to link. The resulting attribute value of the feature and the linked text entity stay synchronized. You can also establish a read-only link to the text of dimension entities. The field value will not update the dimension value, but the dimension value will update the field.

You can link feature attribute field values to most kinds of feature attribute fields. You cannot link reporting fields to text or block attribute values.

Screen shot of Esri_PickLabel command

The command will use a preselected AutoCAD selection set of features or all the features of the chosen feature layer. You will then be prompted to select an attribute field to link to text entities. The command will zoom to and highlight each candidate feature and create a rubberband selection prompt for you to graphically select the linked text entity. You are given the option to skip a feature, move back to a feature, or remove linked text from features as you iterate through the features.

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You can link a text entity to a feature attribute.

Esri_GenerateLabel creates linked text entity labels from a feature attribute field.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD (AutoLISP) label functions

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