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Feature layer properties user interface

The user interface is invoked by the feature layer properties action button and context menus of the Esri Contents pane.

Labeled Feature Layer Properties user interface


This drop-down edit box is read-only for existing feature layers.


The feature layer edit box displays the current feature layer name. You can rename document feature layers using this edit box. You cannot rename web feature layers.


This drop-down menu allows you to select graphic properties to define the candidates in the drawing for inclusion in a document feature layer. You cannot modify the filter query of web feature layers. Select a property from the pull down menu and then enter a target value to define the filter4. You can type in specific DXF codes to filter by other properties not included in the pull down list. To specify conditional operators such as OR and AND use the dxf code of -4 and the condition such as AND for the value of the code to build complex expressions. Conditional expressions must be specified before and after like parenthesis to build the complex expression. See the AutoLISP function esri_docfeaturelayer_setquery for an example. Although you have the ability to create complex expressions it is best practice to define document feature layers using a single AutoCAD layer.


The combination edit box allows you to select the chosen AutoCAD graphic property value from possible values in the drawing or type it in. Web feature layers are read-only.


The Add new condition button allows you to add additional graphic properties in combination to further define the definition query specifying the candidates included in the feature layer.


The Preview button suppresses the view of the current dialog box and highlights the entities that would be candidates of the feature layer according to the current query filter settings.


The define fields grid allows you to define new field definitions of document feature layers. You can specify that fields in your drawing are read-only to prevent users of this drawing from overwriting field values by checking the box in the read-only column of the grid. Web feature layers are read-only. You cannot add fields with the same name as the application's tracking fields. To delete a field highlight a row in the grid and press the delete key.


The Add new field button allows you to add fields to new document feature layers. You can delete fields in the grid by selecting the field in the grid and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard. Web feature layers are read-only.

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