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Attachments on features

Web feature layers may contain feature attachments. Attachments provide a flexible way to manage additional information that is related to your features. Attachments allow you to add files to individual features and can be images, PDF files, text documents, or any other type of file. For example, if you have a feature representing a building, you can use attachments to add multiple photographs of the building taken from several angles, along with PDF files containing the building's deed and tax information. If a feature has attachments, you can access those attachments from the context menu of a record in the Table Viewer user interface, using the Esri_ViewAttachments command, or the view attachments option of the Esri Contents pane, all which will invoke the feature Attachments user interface.

Attachments are similar to hyperlinks, but allow you to associate multiple files to a feature, store the attached files in the geodatabase, and access the files in more ways.

New features must be synchronized before adding attachments.

When web feature layers are extracted as document feature layers using the extract tool, the linked attachment information is not included.


When working with features from branch versions, attachments are only displayed from the sde.default version, rather than other branches.

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