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Select by attribute user interface

The following is the user interface for building and executing an feature attribute–based queries to generate or modify an AutoCAD selection set. You can access the Select by attributes dialog from the context menu of a feature layer in the Esri Contents pane.

Labeled Select by Attributes User Interface


The current feature layer name.


Selection method drop-down list that includes: Create new selection, Add to current selection, Remove from current selection, and Select from current selection.


A selectable field list used to build a query expression. Double-clicking the field name adds it to the query where clause (8).


Expression builder operators. Selecting a button adds the operation to the query where clause (8).


Field values list from the feature layer's selected field (3) generated by the Get Unique Values button (6).


The Get Unique Values button populates the field values list (5) from the feature layer's selected field (3) .


Add text to this box to scroll the field values list (5 to find potential values.


SQL Query string. You can use the field list (3) , field values list(5), and query expression operators (4) to build the query string. You can also edit the text of the query string directly.


The Verify button will verify the syntax of the SQL query string (8).


The Apply button will modify the selection set of the chosen feature layer (1) according to the selected selection method (2) without closing the dialog box.

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