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Attribute Table user interface

The Attribute Table user interface provides the ability to view, edit, and search for data and is opened from the action buttons or context menus of feature layers in the Esri Contents pane, or from the Attributes option of the Esri_FeatureLayer command. Selecting a field label allows you to toggle the sorting of the records based on the values of that field ascending or descending.

Attribute Table user interface with labels

Table of user interface options:


Selection tools pull-down menu options:

Find and Replace—Allows you find and replace field values in the table.

Select by Attribute—Opens the Select by Attributes user interface, which allows you to build an attribute-based query to select features.

Invert Selection—Selects all unselected records and unselects all selected features.

Select All—Selects all features.


Clear the selected features of the feature layer.


Zoom to the selected features of the feature layer in the drawing.


Pull-down menu to select the current feature layer.


Pull-down menu to select an optional sublayer of the current feature layer.


Context menu opened from a secondary click of a selected record with the following options:

Zoom to—Zoom to the selected feature in the drawing.

View Attachments—Open the Attachments user interface to view any linked attachments on a web feature layer.


Navigate table page buttons to navigate to the first page, next page, previous page, and last page.


Show all records and Show selected records buttons, and selection count. These buttons control which records are displayed in the table.