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Branch versions and web feature layers

ArcGIS for AutoCAD supports branch versioning of web feature layers. You can create new versions and switch between versions that are added to the drawing.

Branch versioning is a capability of a web feature layer and allows you to perform edits to a version of a web feature layer. You can maintain different versions of the data and or reconcile differences in the editing changes in ArcGIS Pro at some time in the future. ArcGIS for AutoCAD does not include any tools to reconcile versions. Branch versions are distinguished in ArcGIS for AutoCAD by their version names.

The Branch Versions and Create Branch Version user interfaces—accessed from the context menu of a web feature layer in the Esri Contents pane or by entering the Esri_BranchVersion command—allow you to view the properties of available versions and switch between them, and create new branches.

Using the provided AutoLISP tools, you can check whether a web feature layer has editing branches and get a list of possible names.

Branch versions may be displayed as locked in the Esri Contents user interface if the published service is set to read-only, or if the branch version was unable to be edited at the time it was added. If not designated specifically as a read-only layer the branch version layer can be toggled to the unlocked editing state in the context menu of the Esri Contents user interface, but will require a user with the appropriate credentials to be signed-in, in order to synchronize changes.

See also

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esri_webfeaturelayer_createBranch —AutoLISP routine to get web feature layer properties

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