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Generate Label user interface

The generate label user interface guides you in the placement of feature attribute linked text entities. Standard AutoCAD text entities will be generated for the selected features based on the text placement parameters specified. The text values of the generated text will be linked to the selected attribute field values. The position of the placed text will use the specified offset from the center of a calculated bounding box of the feature and rotate to the nearest tangent of linear features.

If there are no fields that support labeling on the feature layer, the command will terminate and display the message: No supported fields found.

Generate Label dialog.


Select the feature layer you want to generate labels from. Only feature layers with fields that generate labels will be included.


Select the feature layer attribute field to use as the placed text values. Only supported label fields will be displayed.


Calculate a text value based on the geographic extent of the features.


Enter the text height in drawing units.


Select two points to represent an offset vector from the feature for text placement.


Enter an offset from the feature for text placement in drawing units.