Introduction to Daily Activity Dashboard

Daily Activity Dashboard can be used to visualize calls for service and incidents sourced from computer-aided dispatch or records management systems and monitor daily activity.

The solution improves operational awareness for supervisors in law enforcement agencies and allows them to rapidly identify emerging incident patterns and diagnose response problems. The increased operational awareness helps command staff allocate law enforcement resources and monitor the performance of officers under their command. Daily Activity Dashboard is typically implemented by law enforcement agencies that want to take a data-driven approach to resource allocation and crime reduction strategies.

The Daily Activity Dashboard solution allows you to source incident records from computer-aided dispatch or records management systems, visualize law enforcement incidents, and monitor trends or patterns.

Deploy now

This ArcGIS Solution can be deployed in your ArcGIS organization.

Deploy now

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Daily Activity Dashboard requires the following.

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Pro 2.7 or later (Basic, Standard, or Advanced) (Optional)

Information products

Daily Activity Dashboard includes the following information products:

ItemDescriptionMinimum user type

Daily Activity Dashboard

An ArcGIS Dashboards app used by law enforcement command staff to monitor calls for service, crimes, and arrest data sourced from computer-aided dispatch or records management systems


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Try it Live

Test drive the key capabilities provided in this ArcGIS Solution with sample data provided by Esri.

Learn more about the workflows supported in the Use Daily Activity Dashboard topic.

Release notes

The following are the release notes:



  • A new Daily Activity Dashboard.
  • The Records Import Toolbox is no longer included in the solution and the capabilities have been replaced with the Update Feature with Incident Records toolbox in ArcGIS Pro.


  • First release of the Daily Activity Dashboard application