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ArcGIS Solutions align with your business needs, transform your use of ArcGIS, and help maximize your investment in location-based data and technology. They leverage the power of ArcGIS and your authoritative data to help you improve operations, gain new insight, and enhance services.

There are several deployment options that can reduce the time it takes to deploy geoenabled solutions in your organization and increase the business impact they make. Quickly deploy fully supported ArcGIS Solutions in your ArcGIS Online organization or ArcGIS Enterprise portal on infrastructure you manage.

ArcGIS Solutions are supported in the following ArcGIS organizations and portals:

ArcGIS Solutions provide industry-specific configurations for ArcGIS that are designed to meet key business requirements and support common workflows in your organization. Each solution includes one or more applications, surveys, maps, feature layers, and ArcGIS Pro projects that can be configured to meet your needs.

Each solution includes required and optional configurations documented in the configure topic. Changes to the solution can only be made by the item owner. After deploying an ArcGIS Solution, review it with stakeholders in your organization. Define specific changes you want to make to meet specific needs in your organization. Keep in mind that major changes to the solution can impact your ability to quickly leverage future releases of each solution.