Use Citizen Problem Reporter

The Citizen Problem Reporter solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you solicit reports from the public, manage the response to each report, solicit feedback from the public after addressing a report, and monitor the resolution of non-emergency reports in a community.

In this topic, you’ll learn how to use the solution by assuming the role of a user and performing the workflows below.

Submit nonemergency problem reports

You will first assume the role of a concerned resident in the community and would like to notify the city of a burned-out light in the park.

  1. In a browser, go to the Citizen Problem Center site.
  2. Scroll to the Report a Problem section and click the Submit a Report button to open the Citizen Problem Reporter app.
  3. On the Citizen Problem Reporter page, click  Proceed as Guest.

    Share the maps, app, and group with everyone (public) to sign in as a guest. For more information, see Share Citizen Problem Reporter maps and app.

  4. Click Park / Tree Problems.
  5. Click Submit Problem.
  6. For Type of Problem, choose Light Out.
  7. In the Report a problem form, provide the issue details and your name, phone number, and email address.
  8. Click the Where is the problem located text box and click the location of your broken park light on the map.
  9. To submit your problem, click Report It.
  10. At the top of the Park or Tree Problems form, click the Back button.
  11. At the top of the list of problems, click your Light Out problem to select it.

    The park light problem you reported appears. As the report moves through its life cycle (Submitted, Received, In Progress, and Completed), the status bar updates.

  12. Optionally, click Leave a reply to display the comment form and add a new comment.

You and others can add comments to update or highlight information related to the initial problem reported to authorities.

Respond to problem reports

You are now an employee for the city who is responsible for responding to submitted problem reports, assigning them to the appropriate department for resolution.

  1. In a browser, go to the  Citizen Problem Manager  app.
  2. In the app, click the Category column filter.
  3. Click Category is drop-down arrow and choose Park/Tree.
  4. Click the Type of Problem column filter.
  5. Type Light Out in the Type of Problem is text box.
  6. In the Problems table, identify and click the problem you reported.

    Review the details of the problem in the lower left corner of the app.

  7. On the Details tab, click the Edit button Edit.
  8. Click the Status drop-down arrow and choose Received.
  9. Click Save.

    Utility workers are ready to address the problem.

  10. On the Details tab, click the Edit button.
  11. Click the Status drop-down arrow and choose In Progress.
  12. Click the Assigned To drop-down arrow and choose Utility.
  13. Click Save.

    Utility workers inform you that the park light bulb has been replaced.

  14. On the Details tab, click the Edit button.
  15. Click the Status drop-down arrow and choose Completed.
  16. For Resolved On, choose the current date.
  17. In the Resolution text box, type Park light bulb has been replaced.
  18. Click Save.

    Once the issue is complete, the status indicator changes and the details now provide information about when and how the issue was resolved.

  19. In the Details tab, click the Send Satisfaction Survey button.
  20. Review the formatted email and send it to yourself.

Provide feedback on work performed

In the previous section, you sent yourself an email containing a link to a satisfaction survey. You will now respond to the survey as the resident who originally submitted the problem report with your feedback on how the issue was handled.

  1. Open the email you sent to yourself in the previous section.
  2. Click the URL in the email to open the Citizen Satisfaction Survey.
  3. In the app, complete the first four survey questions.
  4. Optionally, for Do you have any other comments or concerns, add any other comments.
  5. For Would you like to be contacted for more information, click Yes.
  6. Provide information for the Full Name, Phone, and Email parameters.
  7. Click Submit.

Monitor reports and measure performance

As a program manager for the city, you want to know how well the citizen problem program is functioning, monitor the reports coming in, and see how satisfied the residents are with the program.

  1. In a browser, go to the Citizen Problem Dashboard app.
  2. On the Overview tab, review the high-level metrics.

    The Overview tab displays infographics of categories of reported problems. This information gives management a quick overview of the number of reported problems submitted by the public.

  3. Click the Problem Reports tab at the bottom of the dashboard.

    The Problem Reports tab allows a department manager to monitor how their department is doing when it comes to resolving problems. The page displays the top problem types and categories and summarizes reports by month with details.

  4. Use the graphs to filter and explore active and resolved problem reports.

    Dashboard charts are linked. As you click and select a category in one chart, related details are filtered and updated in other charts on the report to allow a manager to identify issues and areas that need attention.

  5. Click the Survey Results tab at the bottom of the dashboard and explore the survey responses.

    The Survey Results tab displays the results from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey. The indicators on the tab include Resolution Quality, Resolution Time, and Customer Service indicators that identify whether a community is below or above its target.

    The Recommended Problem Reporter to Friend or Colleague chart is used to display whether the person who submitted the survey would recommend using the Citizen Problem Reporter to a friend or colleague. The right side of the dashboard displays the number of surveys submitted and their details.

  6. Locate your response in the Surveys list and click it to see the details.
  7. Click the arrow on the left of the app to display additional filters.
  8. Use the filters in the left panel to explore survey results by date, category, problem type, resolution time and quality, and customer service experience feedback.

    You can filter by Submission Date, Category, and Type of Problem. In addition, you can filter out information related to the Resolution Quality, Resolution Time, and Customer Service Experience. These are indicators of overall success, user satisfaction, effectiveness, and public support.

Volunteer in the community

As an engaged resident of the community, you would like volunteer to help keep the community clean, healthy, and safe. You will fill out a survey to provide your interests, skills, and availability so the city can help connect you with volunteer opportunities.

  1. In a browser, go to Citizen Problem Center site.
  2. Scroll to the Volunteer in Your Neighborhood section and click the Volunteer button to open the Volunteer in Your Neighborhood survey.
  3. Complete the Volunteer in Your Neighborhood survey and click Submit.