Configure Crime Analysis

The Crime Analysis solution can be deployed in your ArcGIS Online account. After deploying the solution to your ArcGIS Online account, download, install and configure it to meet the needs in your organization.

Download and install Crime Analysis solution

The Crime Analysis solution includes the Crime Analysis Add-In, ArcGIS Pro project, sample data, and maps you can use to explore common crime analysis workflows. Before you begin, you will need to download the file containing the ArcGIS Pro project and Crime Analysis add-in. After this file is downloaded to your computer and extracted, you can install the add-in and open the ArcGIS Pro project.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of the Crime Analysis Add-In, you are required to remove the previous version of the add-in before completing the following steps.

Follow the steps below to download and install the Crime Analysis solution:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization and click Content at the top of the website.
  2. Click the My Content tab, and then click to open the item page.
  3. Click the Download button and browse to a folder on your computer.
  4. Extract
  5. Browse to the CrimeAnalysis folder where you extracted the file.
  6. Double-click CrimeAnalysis.esriAddInX to run the installer.
  7. Click the Install Add-In button.

Automate Geoprocessing Tools

This workflow is optional and doesn't need to be completed in order to work with the solution.

All geoprocessing tools can be scheduled to run automatically on your computer using the scheduling capabilities in ArcGIS Pro or Windows Task Scheduler. Scheduling frequently run tools can improve productivity by reducing manual steps that you do routinely. For example, by scheduling the Update Features With Incident Records tool to run nightly, datasets can get geocoded and updated into a web layer overnight, so you have updated data ready to use when you arrive to work. Likewise, if you are preparing a monthly Compstat report, Kernel Density or other analysis tools can be automated to run on a monthly schedule to simplify the process.

Disable the Crime Analysis ribbon

This workflow is optional and doesn't need to be completed in order to work with the solution.

The Crime Analysis ribbon is automatically added to your projects when you install the Crime Analysis add-in. To disable the Crime Analysis ribbon, follow these steps:

  1. From an open project, click the Project tab on the ribbon. Alternatively, on the ArcGIS Pro home page, click Settings.
  2. Click Options, and then click Crime Analysis.
  3. Disable Show Crime Analysis tab, click OK, and then at the top left, click the back arrow.

When the Crime Analysis ribbon is disabled, it will no longer appear in ArcGIS Pro, but the tools will appear contextually in various locations throughout the ArcGIS Pro user interface. For example, on the Analysis ribbon, users will see a Crime Analysis button that lists all the solution tools.


Learn more about how to remove an add-in.