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What's new in ArcGIS for AutoCAD

New features and functionality are described below for recent releases.

430 release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD

The primary enhancement in this release includes the added support for branch versioning on web feature layers with its supporting AutoLISP routines, commands, and user interface changes.

New functionality

User interface changes

  • Reorganization of the context menus in the Esri Contents pane including support branch versions on web feature layers.
  • New Branch Versions and Create Branch Version user interfaces to switch between and create new versions on web feature layers that support branch versioning.

New ArcGIS for AutoCAD AutoLISP functions and commands

420 release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD

The primary enhancement in this release is the added support for Civil 3D COGO points.

New functionality

User interface changes

  • New symbol setting options have been added to the Assign Default Symbol user interface to accommodate COGO points and the redrawing of symbols according to user settings.
  • New Redraw context menu option for point feature layers to redraw point symbols based on the current point symbol settings.
  • New integrated web help and AutoLISP documentation formatting.
  • The Attachments user interface has been updated with new add and delete attachment options.

New ArcGIS for AutoCAD AutoLISP functions and commands

410 release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD

The primary enhancements in this release was the introduction of sharing document feature layers as hosted web feature layers, and improvements in standardized ways to create document feature layers from drawing templates. This release included the addition of AutoLISP routines designed to assist in the automation of common editing tasks, enriched user interfaces, improved help documentation, and software bug fixes.

New functionality

  • Share document feature layers as hosted web feature layers to collaborate with GIS and field workflows.
  • AutoCAD block properties persist during synchronize. Nonlinked block attributes and rotation are preserved after synchronization.
  • Document feature layers can now be renamed in the feature layer properties user interface by editing the feature layer name edit box.
  • Create feature tools to assist in the proper placement of new features on the correct layer, accessed from the Esri Contents pane action buttons of a feature layer and the Esri_FeatureLayer command.
  • Linked text labels can be generated from the field values of features using the Esri_GenerateLabel/-Esri_GenerateLabel commands that will invoke the generate labels user interface, or the command line version.
  • The Esri_PickLabel command in this release now supports the text of dimension entities (read-only).
  • Industry standard data creation templates have been added to help jump start the creation of common data sets.
  • The new Esri_ElevateToField command has been added to allow you modify the elevation of features to numeric field values, such as the elevation value of 2D GIS contour lines.
  • Blocks can be applied to document feature layers in addition to web point feature layers using the Apply option of the Esri_FeatureLayer command or Apply Symbol context menu option of the Esri Contents user interface.

User interface changes

  • Add Data Experience includes better portal search and browsing, including better organization of groups, and new data creation templates for setting up common GIS data schema and symbology.
  • Quick access to the Esri Maps collection is now a separate ribbon button.
  • The Esri Contents pane can access more functionality through action buttons and new context menu options.
  • Sorting by field values has been implemented in the attribute table user interface.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD AutoLISP functions

  • (esri_label_generate)—AutoLISP function to used to automate the placement of linked text labels
  • (esri_featurelayer_share)—AutoLISP function used to share document feature layers as hosted web feature layers
  • (esri_label_set)—AutoLISP function to link existing text entities to feature attribute field values
  • (esri_maplayer_extract)—AutoLISP function to automate the extraction of dynamic map and image layer images as static AutoCAD image entities
  • (esri_featurelayer_selectspecial)—AutoLISP function to select features by complex criteria such as being flagged as modified or inside or geometric type

400.2 release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD

This release included some minor documentation and software bug fixes.

Resolved issues

  • Web layers loading when Windows decimal place indicator non-'.' .
  • Linux portal connections with PKI.
  • Rotation of blocks from layers with geographic rotation symbology now supported.

400 release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD

This major release featured the support for ArcGIS Enterprise portals and hosted feature layers, a simplified ribbon user interface, the consolidation of command line commands and added support for URL hotlinks and feature layer attachments.

ArcGIS Online support

An enhanced Add Data experience includes a graphic user interface to browse and search for content on ArcGIS Online. Starting with version 400, this becomes the primary way to add content to ArcGIS for AutoCAD. You can still add services directly from your server using the -Esri_AddData command.

You can browse content shared with everyone or you can sign in to ArcGIS Online with a valid subscription to see additional content you have created or that has been created for you within your ArcGIS Online organization. The following layer types are supported in ArcGIS for AutoCAD from ArcGIS Online:

  • Map image layer
  • Imagery layer
  • Web feature layer

ArcGIS Enterprise portal support

In addition to ArcGIS Online support, ArcGIS for AutoCAD now supports browsing and adding layers from an ArcGIS Enterprise portal. To add a connection to your Enterprise portal, use the new Add Data interface in ArcGIS for AutoCAD. The following layer types are supported in ArcGIS for AutoCAD from an Enterprise portal:

  • Map image layer
  • Imagery layer
  • Web feature layer

Add data from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

In the new Add Data interface, you can add layers from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. This provides access to high-quality, authoritative datasets that can add further context to your CAD drawings.

View attachments from web feature layers

Some ArcGIS apps, such as ArcGIS Collector, support adding attachments to features in the layers, including images, documents, and so on. These attachments can be viewed in ArcGIS for AutoCAD by running the esri_viewAttatchments command.