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esri_webfeaturelayer_ hasWebUpdates (AutoLISP)

Function to identify whether or not the specified web feature layer has server side updates within the project area.


(esri_webfeaturelayer_ hasWebUpdates flname)


  • flname | string | required | An existing web feature layer name in the drawing.

Example usage

Evaluate whether the web feature layer named "UtilityPoles" has any server side edits within the current project area.

(esri_webfeaturelayer_hasWebUpdates "UtilityPoles")

Result example usage

The function returns a list containing an integer value of 1 that indicates that the layer has updates on the server:


Return values

  • If successful, returns a list containing an edit code as an integer as follows:
    • (1) | Layer has updates on the server.
    • (0) | layer doesn't have changes from the server (changes include addition, deletion & attribute updates)
    • (-1) | Layer is from previous release OR layer has editor tracking enabled but no valid edit time.
  • If failed, returns a list with the first value of nil and then an associated list containing the key value "Error" and an associated error message as a string: (nil ( "Error" . "<message>"))

A failed return value can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • (nil ("Error" . "Missing required argument."))

    The required argument is not supplied.

  • (nil ("Error" . "Web feature layer not found."))

    The specified web feature layer value is not a valid web feature layer in the drawing.

    (nil ("Error" . "No connected web feature layer found."))

    The user is not signed in to the organization and failed to provide credentials to get the latest edit time.