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Create Branch Version user interface

This dialog box allows you to create a branch version for the selected web feature layer that supports branch versioning. To open the dialog box, click the Create option on the context menu of a web feature layer in the Esri Contents pane that support branch versioning or from the Esri_BranchVersion command.

When you enter the command, you are prompted to select between the different web feature layers within the drawing that support branch versioning. If there is one supported layer, you are not prompted for that layer and the dialog box is shown.

After entering the information for the new branch version as described below, click the Create button to change to the selected branch version or click the Close button to cancel the dialog box without creating the new branch version.

Create Branch Version dialog box


Text box to enter the new unique branch name.


Text box to enter an optional description text that will be saved along with the new branch version. (64 characters)


Button to set the access permission of the new branch version.


Check box to specify if the selected web layer should be changed to the new branch.