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esri_webFeatureLayer_setModified (AutoLISP)

This function overrides the modification editing tracking value for an existing feature. ArcGIS for AutoCAD modification tracking automatically records when feature attributes or geometry of a non-new feature has been modified. AutoLISP functions (esri_webfeaturelayer_pausetracking) and (esri_webfeaturelayer_restoretracking) can be used within a drawing session to pause and restore this tracking. This function can set the modification tracking value regardless of its current value or the modification tracking state. The modification value will be used to determine if a feature will be updated during synchronization.


(esri_webFeaturelayer_setModified flname feature_ename modified)


  • flname | string | required | An existing feature layer name in the drawing.
  • feature_ename | string | required | The AutoCAD entity name of the feature to link to the specified text.
  • modified | T/F | required | True or False used to set the modified tracking value of an existing non-new feature.

Example usage

Prompts to graphically select a feature of the utilitypoles feature layer and set the modification tracking state to unmodified.

(esri_webfeaturelayer_setmodified "utilitypoles" (car (entsel)) F)

Result example usage

The selected feature's modification tracking state is set to unmodified and the function returns true (T).


Return values

The following are the possible return values:

  • If successful, the function returns a list of true: (T)
  • If failed, it returns a list with the first value of nil and then an associated list containing the key value "Error" and an associated error message as a string: (nil ("Error" . "<message>")).

Failed return values

Failed return values can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • (nil ("Error" . "Missing required argument."))

    One of the required arguments was not supplied.

  • (nil ("Error" . "Feature layer not found."))

    The specified feature layer value is not a valid feature layer in the drawing.