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ArcGIS for AutoCAD provides commands and AutoLISP functions to streamline and automate GIS workflows. To interface with the AutoCAD command line, most of the user interfaces have a command line equivalent. Most of the tools have options that are prepended with a dash (-) to provide complete keyboard control without a graphic user interface. All ArcGIS for AutoCAD commands that do not have graphic user interfaces are callable within AutoLISP automation using the standard AutoCAD AutoLISP function (command).

ArcGIS for AutoCAD includes AutoLISP functions that allow you to automate the creation and management of data, services, and GIS objects in a drawing.

A description of the data structures of ArcGIS for AutoCAD is provided in the Mapping Specification for CAD section. An understanding of these data structures can help you build applications using other programming interfaces to automate ArcGIS for AutoCAD workflows and access data stored in a drawing.

This section provides descriptions of the various commands and AutoLISP functions included with ArcGIS for AutoCAD.