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Command to create or switch between branch versions of web feature layers that support branch versioning.

When the command is entered you will be prompted to select between the different web feature layers within the drawing that support branch versioning. If there is just a single supported layer you will not be prompted for that layer. You will then be prompted with the Create or Manage options. Selecting the Create option will show the Create Branch version user interface that will allow you to create a new branch version. If you select the Manage option the manage Branch Versions user interface will be shown allowing you to switch between existing branch versions of the layer.

If no valid web feature layers are included in the drawing, you will receive the message: No supported feature layers found.


Branch versions may be displayed as locked in the Esri Contents user interface if the published service is set to read-only, or if the branch version was unable to be edited at the time it was added. If not designated specifically as a read-only layer the branch version layer can be toggled to the unlocked editing state in the context menu of the Esri Contents user interface, but will require a user with the appropriate credentials to be signed-in, in order to synchronize changes.