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esri_webfeaturelayer_hasedits (AutoLISP)

Function will return list of true if the web feature layer contains edits that have not yet been committed to the source feature service. Use this function to test whether a layer has unsynchronized edits.


(esri_webfeaturelayer_hasedits flname)


  • flname | string | required | An existing web feature layer name in the drawing.

Example usage

Evaluate whether the web feature layer named "Shelters" has any uncommitted edits.

(esri_webfeaturelayer_hasedits "Shelters")

Result example usage

The function returns a list of true to indicate the web layer has uncommitted edits:


Return values

  • If successful, returns a list of true: (T)
  • If failed, returns a list with the first value of nil and then an associated list containing the key value "Error" and an associated error message as a string: (nil ( "Error" . "<message>"))

A failed return value can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • (nil ("Error" . "Missing required argument."))

    The required argument is not supplied.

  • (nil ("Error" . "Web feature layer not found."))

    The specified web feature layer value is not a valid web feature layer in the drawing.