What's new in ArcGIS for Microsoft 365

The latest update includes new functionality and enhancements throughout ArcGIS for Microsoft 365. Highlights are provided below.

ArcGIS for Excel

  • Icons are updated on the ArcGIS tab.
    ArcGIS tab in ArcGIS for Excel
  • Icons have also been updated across the software.
  • Automatic selection of x,y data when adding data from Excel using tables is now supported. When you select a cell in a Microsoft Excel table, the data is smart mapping and can detect x,y information.
  • When adding data from Excel, you can now search and add Well Known IDs (WKID) on the Spatial reference drop-down menu.
  • When signing in to ArcGIS for Excel with ArcGIS Enterprise, custom print templates are now available in the Print pane.
  • The following Function Builder functions allow you to geocode address lists in a Microsoft Excel worksheet—GETADDRESS, GETCOORDINATES, and SUGGESTADDRESS.
  • You can expand a map to use the full screen Enter fullscreen.

Visit the ArcGIS for Excel Esri Community page for the latest change logs and product information.

ArcGIS for SharePoint

  • ArcGIS for SharePoint now supports geocoding using ArcGIS location services within a Microsoft SharePoint list or document library. To enable a list or library for mapping, select rows in your list, click the Geocode button Geocode from the toolbar, and select options from the Geocode menu.
  • Adding data to a map, geotagging, and geosearching now support browsing of SharePoint hub sites. When looking for a spatially-enabled SharePoint list to add to a site or searching for documents to geotag, users can now search through associated subsites, hubs, and hub sites using the Site picker to select content.
  • List map has been renamed to Edit locations. Open a SharePoint list or document library, click Edit locations, and precisely edit or delete points, polylines, or polygons.
  • Pop-ups previously showed images as the image path and links as plain text, but now display image thumbnails and links as hyperlinks.
  • Bug fixes have been made, including a bug that prevented dynamic filtering from working between connected web parts and a bug which led users to be unable to re-edit a page after it had been published with a map.
  • Icons have been updated across the software.

Visit the ArcGIS for SharePoint Esri Community page for the latest change logs and product information.

ArcGIS for Teams

  • The new Live Share collaboration tool is designed to help your team engage with ArcGIS spatial content in real time during Microsoft Teams meetings. Participants can independently explore shared content, change presenters easily, and interact with a comprehensive library of publicly available ArcGIS Online location data.
  • There are a few layout changes to the ArcGIS for Teams account page to prepare for an upcoming administrative user layout change.
  • When you search for ArcGIS for Teams in the Microsoft AppSource, you will find it listed as ArcGIS (previously ArcGIS Maps).