This functionality is available only for ArcGIS feature layers or layers created using your data.

Maps can display large amounts of geographic data in layers that typically overlap. The way you style data can help describe and identify features. However, you may need more than a symbol or color to communicate information about the map, which is when labeling features can help.

Labels are short pieces of text that describe the features in a layer. The text for a label is derived from the layer attributes. Select the attribute you want to show, for example, the name or type of feature.

When you enable labels on a layer, ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 automatically places labels on the map on or near the features they describe. You can control the text size, color, and style to differentiate labels from different layers, or use the halo effect around the label to ensure that it stands out from text on the basemap or another layer. You can also specify the zoom levels at which labels are visible on the map.

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