Get started with ArcGIS for Microsoft 365

ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 is a suite of data visualization components that you can use to bring location analytics to your business applications. Adding content from ArcGIS adds spatial context and relevance to your Microsoft data, helping you to broaden how you interpret your data and expand your analysis.

With ArcGIS for Microsoft 365, you can find answers and add insight to make better business decisions, enhance visualizations, and collaborate with your team.

How to use this help

Use the topics on the Get started tab to learn about everything you can do with ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 to use maps and other location analytics to spatially enhance your data. Workflows that are specific to the Microsoft components are identified in a Related topics table at the bottom of each topic. Workflows that apply to all components, like how to style data, are part of the Get started topics.

See the following Get started topics for more information about what you can do with the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 components:

Related topics

See the topics listed in the following table for more information about the component interface and navigation: