Get started with ArcGIS for SharePoint

In ArcGIS for SharePoint, you can display and interact with SharePoint lists, ArcGIS-hosted feature services, and ArcGIS web maps on a Microsoft SharePoint web part. You can also geotag and geosearch for SharePoint documents on an ArcGIS for SharePoint map.

Add dynamic maps to your SharePoint site to help you analyze the data visually. Add layers to maps using contextual data from ArcGIS for SharePoint. Publish maps to ArcGIS to share with others.

Before you start, ensure that you prepared your data so that it can be used with ArcGIS for SharePoint.

See the following topics to learn how to create maps using ArcGIS for SharePoint:

As a Standard user, you can use ArcGIS for SharePoint without signing in to ArcGIS, or you can sign in to connect with your ArcGIS organization and access premium content, services, and analysis tools. See Accounts for more information.