A pop-up, or tooltip, contains descriptive information about the features in each layer of a map. It displays attribute information based on the field values that you add to the map. A pop-up appears when you hover over or click a feature on a data layer, a reference layer, or a Buffer/Drive time analysis layer.

You can change the way information is presented in a pop-up by changing the data and specifying the information to display.

Pop-ups are turned on by default for all supported layers. You can turn off pop-ups in the Layer options pane. Some ArcGIS layers do not support pop-up configuration, in which case pop-ups are not available in the layer options.


To anchor a pop-up on the screen while you pan and zoom the map, click the Dock button Dock on the pop-up.

In ArcGIS for Power BI, the Dock button is only available for reference layer tooltips.

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