Analysis tools

Analysis tools can help you gain a better understanding of your ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 data. The following analysis options include a variety of tools and methods for examining, displaying, and revealing aspects of the data:

  • Use the selection tools to identify, locate, and visually analyze a set of features or data on a map.
  • Perform a Buffer/Drive time analysis to assess travel times between locations on a map, proximity of locations to resources or commercial centers, or to make comparisons for site selections.
  • Add infographics cards to view key indicators and summarized information for locations and answer location-based questions.
  • Measure a linear distance or an area and its perimeter on a map using the Measure tool.
  • Add a time-aware layer to a map containing temporal and geographic data, and enable a time animation to show how patterns in the data change over time.
  • Add pop-ups to view descriptive information about the features in each layer in the map.
  • Get a closer look at geographic details on a map or gain perspective of the entirety of the map extent using the zoom tools.
  • Quickly identify locations with attributes similar to those currently selected on a map using the Find similar tool.