Content sharing

Sharing a map, layer, or map-enabled report created in ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 is a quick way to share spatially enriched content with your organization and the ArcGIS community.

Depending on the product component you're using; your user type, role, and account settings; the type of business data you're sharing (Microsoft SharePoint lists or Excel tables); and whether the map contains private or public ArcGIS data, the content that is available to share and the method you use to share it will vary:

  • ArcGIS for Excel and ArcGIS for SharePoint—Licensed Microsoft 365 users (Contributors or higher) with an ArcGIS account can share a map or a layer to ArcGIS and can print a map. Viewers with an ArcGIS account can print a map, but cannot share it.
  • ArcGIS for Power BI—Licensed Microsoft 365 users (Contributors or higher) with an ArcGIS account can share, publish, and embed map-enabled reports—all of which can be seen by their colleagues or the public, depending on the content type. Viewers can view map-enabled reports containing public content and can sign in to an ArcGIS account to view embedded map-enabled reports that contain proprietary ArcGIS content.

Where noted, content sharing can be limited based on both your Microsoft license and ArcGIS account type. If the shared map contains proprietary content, the shared content is also limited based on the Viewer's ArcGIS user account type. Viewing proprietary content may consume credits.

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