Infographics cards

Infographics cards are visualizations that provide contextual information about an ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 map. Infographics present key indicators and summarized information for locations and can help answer location-based questions, such as the following:

  • How many households are in an evacuation zone?
  • What is the average household size in a specific ZIP Code?
  • What type of neighborhood is within 10 minutes of a site?
  • How much is an area spending on groceries?

ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 includes a selection of demographic data categories—including population counts, age distribution, and income levels, among others—that you can use to add context to a map. Infographics cards appear in the corner of the map.

Infographics cards on a map

Infographics cards are interactive; their content updates as you navigate the map. When you select one or more locations on the map, the infographics cards update to display information about the selected demographic data category for the population living in the area near each selected location. If no locations are selected, infographics cards display information about the population living in the entire visible area of the map.

Infographics cards are configurable. You can select from data categories and establish a distance or time parameter for selected areas to filter the data.

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