A map provides a geographic view of data and helps you explore and interact with that data.

You can use ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 to display data on a map. You can combine your data with data from ArcGIS to add context. When you sign in to your ArcGIS account, you can also add data from members of your organization and GIS professionals around the world to a map.

A map is a spatial document composed of one or more layers. A layer visually represents a geographic dataset, much like a legend item on a paper map represents real-world geographic information. On a road map, roads, parks, and rivers can each be a different layer of geographic information.

When you add data to a map in ArcGIS for Microsoft 365, the data is turned into a layer in the map and is added to the Layers list. Once the layer is created, you can configure how it is styled, turn on labels, and set other formatting options.

A map and its layers

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