Get started with ArcGIS for Excel

ArcGIS for Excel is an add-in to Microsoft 365 that you can use to bring ArcGIS mapping capabilities into Microsoft Excel. With ArcGIS for Excel, you can create an interactive map that includes data from Excel and ArcGIS services without leaving the Excel environment.

After you install the ArcGIS for Excel add-in, the ArcGIS tab and the Map Data tab become available in Excel. Use these tabs to create and manage maps and data.

ArcGIS tab with tools

Map Data tab with tools

For more information about supported Microsoft 365 client applications and the minimum build or version required for ArcGIS for Excel, see System settings.

Available ArcGIS for Excel capabilities without an ArcGIS subscription

If you do not have an ArcGIS account, you can use a map-enabled worksheet as a Standard user.

Standard users can view and work with public ArcGIS content and a curated set of layers from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Standard users can also add x,y points from Excel, pan and zoom the map, and view pop-ups. Private layers and some map tools, including the analysis tools, are not available to Standard users.


To access all map tools and ArcGIS content, you must sign in to an ArcGIS account.

See Accounts to learn more about the capabilities comparison for Standard users to users with an ArcGIS account, depending on user type.

Available ArcGIS for Excel capabilities with an ArcGIS subscription

ArcGIS for Excel works directly with your ArcGIS subscription to allow you to access geographic content that can enhance your business data. To access all map tools and content in ArcGIS for Excel, your ArcGIS user type must have been granted privileges to create, analyze, and share content in an ArcGIS Online organization or an on-premises ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. You can sign up for a free trial ArcGIS Online subscription. The authentication method you use to access ArcGIS must be properly configured by your ArcGIS administrator. Public ArcGIS Online accounts are not supported.

Learn more about viewing your profile and account settings in ArcGIS for Microsoft 365