What's new in March 2023 release

See what's new and improved in the March 2023 release. Highlights are provided below, and additional details can be found in the release notes for each ArcGIS Solution.

New solutions


Adopt-A-Road can be used to operate road adoption programs that allow volunteers to adopt roads and clean them for the community.

Cemetery Management

Cemetery Management can be used to develop an authoritative cemetery and gravesite inventory and share gravesite and burial information with the public.

Crime Problem Management

Crime Problem Management can be used to plan, manage, and evaluate evidence-based responses to crime problems.

Curb Regulation Management

Curb Regulation Management can be used to streamline curb regulation inventories and understand how curbsides are used.

Gas As-Builting

Gas As-Builting can be used to rapidly document newly constructed, or abandoned, assets in the field and incorporate that information into a system of record.

Gridded Reference Graphic

Gridded Reference Graphic can be used to communicate discrete ground locations and coordinate real-world field or clearing operations.

Immunization Outreach

Immunization Outreach can be used to inventory vaccine providers, communicate vaccination coverage, and promote available resources.

Roadway Management

Roadway Management can be used to inventory public roads and their characteristics, conduct routine pavement condition assessments, and streamline inspection and maintenance activities.

ROW and Easement Data Management

ROW and Easement Data Management can be used to develop an inventory of public rights-of-way and easements and share right-of-way and easement information with internal and external stakeholders.

Stormwater Construction Activity Management

Stormwater Construction Activity Management can be used to streamline the inspection of construction sites and understand the effectiveness of stormwater control measures.

Enhanced solutions

Communications Data Management
  • Added the Serviceable Locations feature layer to all maps to enable internal management of serviceable locations.
  • Updated the Service Territory layer with additional attributes to improve understanding of service areas.
  • Updated the Lifecycle Status domain to remove duplicate domains values.
  • Updated the Communications Dashboard to include the serviceable locations and service area details as well as added a map.