What's new in November 2022 release

See what's new and improved in the November 2022 release. Highlights are provided below, and additional details can be found in the release notes for each ArcGIS Solution.

New solutions

Active Transportation Outreach

Active Transportation Outreach can be used to inventory human-powered transportation facilities and promote transportation alternatives that improve the health and welfare of a community.

Catch Basin and Outlet Inspections

Catch Basin and Outlet Inspections can be used to streamline the inspection of catch basins and outlets.

Crime Reduction Statistics

Crime Reduction Statistics can be used to generate key statistics and reports, monitor crime trends, and modernize CompStat practices.

Electric Joint Use

Electric Joint Use can be used to manage utility pole joint use and streamline the joint use permitting process.

Pre-Incident Planning

Pre-Incident Planning can be used to inventory fire pre-incident plans and understand hazards and risks that affect responding personnel and building occupants.

Sign Management

Sign Management can be used to collect roadway signs and poles, streamline inspection and maintenance activities, and understand asset conditions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals can be used to share progress made on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, and their key indicators, with the public and other interested stakeholders.

Water Utility Hydrant Inspections

Water Utility Hydrant Inspections can be used to streamline fire hydrant inspections and monitor inspection programs that help water utilities increase hydrant reliability.

Weather Operational Effects

Weather Operational Effects can be used to quickly understand the impact of weather on military operations.

Enhanced solutions

Daily Activity Dashboard
  • A new Law Enforcement Data Management ArcGIS Pro project to help you load and manage your data.
  • A new Daily Activity Dashboard that leverages a new common crimes feature layer.
Equitable Property Value
  • A new Equitable Property Value app designed to share authoritative property information on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers so that you can combat misinformation.
Lead Service Line InventoryPolice Transparency
  • A new Police Transparency site.
  • A new Crime Trends Dashboard, Crime Summary Dashboard, Crime Summary Mobile Dashboard, and Public Crime Map that leverages a new common crimes feature layer.
  • A new Law Enforcement Diversity Dashboard pro project to help you load and manage your data.
  • Removed the Community Crime Problem Reporter, Community Crime Problem Manager, Community Crime Problem Editor, and Community Crime Problem Dashboard from the solution.
ROW Permitting
  • A new ROW Permit Application site designed to help permit applicants create community identities, apply for permits, and track permit status.
  • A new My ROW Permits dashboard that can be used by permit applicants to view and update their permits.
  • A new ROW Permit Inspections ArcGIS Workforce project that can be used to organize and manage inspection assignments.
  • A new ROW Permit Field Inspections field map to document field inspections and observations.
  • A new ROW Permit Notebook app that can be used to provide email updates to permit applicants and reviewers as permit status changes.
  • An updated ROW Permit Manager app that provides information regarding spatiotemporal conflicts for requested permits.
  • An updated ROW Permit Application form which can be used to collect permit areas and streamlines the request process by remembering previous applicant information.