Frequently asked questions

Listed below are common questions about ArcGIS Solutions.

How are organizations leveraging ArcGIS Solutions?

ArcGIS Solutions provides industry-specific configurations of ArcGIS that align with your organization's needs and help you maximize your investment in location-based data and technology. These solutions leverage the power of ArcGIS and help you manage authoritative geospatial data, improve operations, gain new insight, and enhance services. Each solution includes one or more apps, surveys, maps, feature layers, and ArcGIS Pro projects that can be configured to meet your needs.

Many organizations deploy solutions and use them as is. Other organizations deploy solutions and configure them to meet specific needs they have. If a solution doesn't fit your organization's needs, it can still be used as inspiration for your specific project and the ArcGIS configurations you might create.

How much do solutions cost?

Solutions are included with your ArcGIS Online subscription and ArcGIS Enterprise licensing. There is no additional cost.

How do I deploy a solution?

The ArcGIS Solutions app is used to deploy a solution to your ArcGIS Online organization and Enterprise portal. The app is accessible in the app launcher when you sign in to your organization or portal.

To deploy a solution, you must have a Creator or GIS Professional user type.

How do I find the solution version number?

You can find the version number for a deployed solution by opening the item page of the solution item and clicking the Settings tab. The version number is shown in the Solution section.

How do I deploy a new version of a solution?

To deploy a new version of a solution, select the solution and click Deploy now. When you deploy the new version, a new folder will be created in your organization and the updated or new items will be placed in the folder. Existing items will not be updated or deleted.

Refer to the Upgrading to a new version topic for more details.

Can I deploy multiple versions of a solution to the same ArcGIS organization?

Yes. You can deploy multiple versions of a solution to a single organization. In the ArcGIS Solutions app, select a solution you have already deployed and click Deploy now to deploy another copy of the solution.

To differentiate between copies, you can rename each folder in My Content. You can also add a prefix to each solution item to simplify searching for content in your organization or portal.

Can I use my existing layers or data in the maps and apps created with a solution?

After you deploy a solution, you can load existing data into the layers provided. Keep in mind that each of the layers are designed to support the maps and apps provided in the solution and, in many cases, will require content to function properly. If you do not have this content in your existing layers or data, the solution may not work as designed.

Can I set the spatial reference on layers included in a solution?

When high-accuracy data or precise measurements are required in a solution, the ArcGIS Solutions app will prompt you to specify an appropriate spatial reference. Otherwise, the spatial reference for all layers included in a solution will be set to Web Mercator (WKID-3857).

Are there resources available to help me learn how to deploy and use a solution?

Yes. The ArcGIS Solutions website offers links to many learning resources, including Help documentation, as well as training courses offered by Esri Academy. You can see what's new in the current solution release and read the latest blog posts by ArcGIS Solutions product engineers.

How do I stay connected with the ArcGIS Solutions community and understand what solutions are currently being developed?

You can connect with other users and ask questions in the ArcGIS Solutions board on Esri Community.

How do I submit enhancement ideas or report bugs?

You can submit ideas for enhancements through ArcGIS Ideas. To report a bug, contact Esri Technical Support and request a case. To report a problem with an ArcGIS Solutions help topic, click the Feedback on this topic link at the bottom of the topic's web page.