Domain FAQs

Every site is published with a web address that's composed of your site's name and a default domain provided by ArcGIS Hub. You can update your site's name in the default URL, or add a custom domain you own or one purchased by your organization.

What is a domain?

A domain is a name for an IP address. Your device uses a domain name system (DNS) to locate your site's IP address whenever someone opens your site in a web browser.


You can think of a domain as the name of a contact and the IP address as the contact’s phone number or home address. Similar to using a phone book, the internet uses a DNS to look up the site’s IP address.

What is my site's default domain?

All sites created with ArcGIS Hub include a default domain on You can create a site using an address on or This combines with the short name for your ArcGIS Online organization ( as well as each site’s subdomain setting to produce the default URL.

For example, if you use the default domain, have an organization short name of, and configure your site’s subdomain to data using site settings, the resulting URL is

How do I update my site's default URL?

You can update your site's name in its URL or switch from the default domain to the domain. See Update a site's default URL for additional information.

Can I update my site's default domain with a custom domain?

Yes. To apply a custom domain to your site, you must update your domain name service record and add the full domain in ArcGIS Hub to finish the setup. For complete steps, see Connect a domain to your site.

Can I run traffic through a proxy?

No. Custom domain configurations will fail validation when adding the domain to your Hub site.

Can I use my own HTTPS certificate?

No. For security reasons, ArcGIS Hub requests short lived HTTPS certificates for your Hub sites on the platform on your behalf.

Which certificate authority (CA) is ArcGIS Hub using?

ArcGIS Hub uses Let's Encrypt.