Customize sites with HTML and CSS

The following site and page elements can be configured with custom HTML and CSS.

  • Site header
  • Site footer
  • Text and row cards
  • Menu links
  • Buttons

A site's pages and content views adopt the site's header and footer configuration.

Add HTML or CSS to headers and footers

Use the header and footer settings to add code. For more information, see Choose a header style and Create a footer.

Add custom code to the layout

To add code to the layout of you site or page, use the Text card. Use the Code view option on the Text card to format your layout with custom code anywhere that you can add this card. You can also apply CSS to a row in the row's settings. For more information, see Customize text with HTML.

Supported HTML tag

The HTML and CSS code that you apply to your sites or pages is automatically scanned for unsupported tags. If the code you provide is not supported, you will notice the code appears in its raw form. Use an internet search engine for "HTML 5" and the tag you used to find a valid alternative. For more information, see A new update to HTML rules in ArcGIS Hub is coming September 2020.


If you notice ADDSTYLE text added to your custom code, this denotes a location in your code that was sanitized during a scan for unsupported tags. If you have two style tags, for example, move any CSS to a single style tag.

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