How teams work

Teams allow you to collaborate on content for site or initiative site. Team members can include people who have an ArcGIS Online account with the same ArcGIS Online organization used to set up the site. They can also include community members and members of partnered collaborations.

Community accounts require a license to ArcGIS Hub Premium. For more information, see What is a community account.

Types of teams

There are two types of teams: core teams and supporting teams. All sites have one core team that is set up when the site is created. Only one core team is available per site. Supporting teams are optional and can be added to more than one site. A site can have many supporting teams.

Core teams

Site owners are automatically assigned as group manager their site's core team. Core teams allow the site owner to grant other members edit access to a site's layout, pages, and content library. Staff members, partners, and community members who are added to a core team are automatically assigned the group manager role and can do the following:


If an organization has a license for ArcGIS Hub Premium, core team members can also create content using templates, contact an initiative site's followers and share content with them, and create and manage events.

Supporting teams

Supporting teams are optional teams that initiative managers can add to an initiative site. They do not grant access to edit a site like a core team does. Initiative managers can create a supporting team with edit access or views to control what team members can do with the content. Initiative sites can have multiple supporting teams. For more information, see the Frequently asked questions for supporting teams.


Supporting teams require a license to ArcGIS Hub Premium.

View access supporting teams

Members of a supporting team with view access can only view content shared with the group by members of the initiative’s core team or other members of the group. They can also add their own content to the group for others to view. They cannot message other members unless they are elevated to a group manager role.

Edit access supporting teams

Members of a supporting team with edit access can view and edit all content shared with the group. They can only add their own content for others to edit. They cannot message other members unless they are elevated to a group manager role.

Teams in ArcGIS Online

A team is a group in your organization's instance of ArcGIS Online. In both ArcGIS Hub and ArcGIS Online, team owners (default group managers) and additional group managers assigned to the team can carry out administrative tasks, such as sharing content with the group, adding or removing members, and updating the team's summary (team profile). Additional tasks, such as adjusting group settings and visibility and viewing or modifying a team member's user type and role, can only be done in ArcGIS Online.

Shared update groups

Core teams and supporting teams with edit access are groups that use the shared update capability. Shared update groups allow group members to update items that are shared with the group. As teams in ArcGIS Hub, these groups are labeled as Edit Access in a site's or initiative site's list of teams. Supporting teams with view access do not have the shared updated update capability and cannot be converted into groups with edit access.

Privileges to create teams

Since core teams are groups enabled with the shared update capability, the person creating a site or initiative site must have the following administrative privilege assigned to their account: Create and own groups that allow members to update all items in the group. Similarly, to create supporting teams with edit access, the person creating the team must also have this administrative privilege to create shared update groups assigned to their account. Supporting teams with view access do not require administrative privileges and can be created by members of a core team.


If a core team is missing, the person who created the site or initiative may not have had the correct administrative privilege assigned to their account during site or initiative creation. The group may also have been deleted in ArcGIS Online. To fix this, contact an ArcGIS Online administrator and ask that they check for the group in ArcGIS Online. If the group is available, the administrator can visit the team's page and follow the steps provided to activate the team.