How teams work

Teams enable people to share and edit content as part of a site or initiative. Every site created with ArcGIS Hub Basic includes a core team. Initiatives created with ArcGIS Hub Premium include a core team and enable core team members to create additional supporting teams.

What is a core team?

A core team is an ArcGIS Online group that is automatically enabled with the Shared Update capability. This means that any member of the group (people added to the core team), can edit items shared to the group.


By default, sites, pages, and initiatives are automatically shared with the core team group so that group members (core team members), can make edits to these items.

As a core team member, a person can do the following:

  • Edit a site's layout and any pages attached to the site.
  • Add pages to a site (either by creating a new page, using a page template, or selecting from a list of existing pages).
  • Upload or select a piece of existing content to contribute something that they already have to the content library.
  • Create new content for the site or the initiative.
  • Update sharing controls on items that they own.

Core team members are also automatically added as members to the site's or initiative's Content group. The content group is not enabled with the update capability, so core team members can only add, edit, and remove their own items.


Initiative core team members are also automatically added to the initiative's followers group so that they can view a list of people who want to receive updates about the initiative and send messages to them.

What is a supporting team?

A supporting team is an additional group added to an initiative that enables you to share content privately with a select group of people, including core team members, staff, and community members. People added to a supporting team can privately view the content shared with them, such as a survey or dashboard, but they cannot edit content.

To get started, create a supporting team.


Supporting teams are available with ArcGIS Hub Premium only.

Who can I add to a team?

Any member of your hub's employee organization (the ArcGIS Online subscription used to manage internal and authoritative data), can be added to a core team. See Configure roles and privileges for the recommended user type, role, and privileges for core team members.

If your organization has licensed ArcGIS Hub Premium, anyone who has a community account can also be added to a core team. Community members are assigned a Publisher role by default.

What if my site or initiative is missing a core team?

If a site or an initiative is missing a core team, the person who originally created the site or initiative didn't have the administrative privilege to create groups with update capabilities or the core team group may have been deleted. Contact a hub administrator and request that they open your site or initiative in edit mode, click Teams in the second drop-down menu, and follow steps provided on the page to activate the core team. Alternatively, an administrator can assign the appropriate privileges to the person managing the site or initiative so that they can activate the core team on their own.