Change site or page name and summary

Site and page names are used on the browser tab, ArcGIS Online item details page, social media snippets, and in Hub search and search engine results. Hub administrators, site managers and core team members can modify a site or page name and its corresponding summary to provide clear and accurate basic metadata.


Name changes are not applied to the site or page URL. However, you can update the name of a page slug. Be mindful that changing the URL with a different slug will not generate a redirect. See Edit page URL for more information.

The summary is the same summary found on the site's corresponding item (<site name> Hub Site Application) in ArcGIS Online. The same applies to hub pages and items. Site and page summaries are included in the HTML metadata which is picked up by search engines. For more information, see How do sites and pages appear as search results using Google?


When a site or page URL is shared through social media, a snippet of its description is included on the post. The item's description is different than the summary and can only be edited in ArcGIS Online. See Change thumbnail and description for more information.

Site name and summary

Follow these steps to change a site's name or summary. See Brand a site with header and theme options. to add the site's name to its header.

  1. Open a site in edit mode.
  2. Click Settings on the side panel.
  3. In the About section, enter a name for the site in the Name field or change an existing name to something new.
  4. Provide some background information about your site in the Summary field.
  5. Click Save to see changes in the editor.

Page name and summary

The page name appears in for the item in a site's content library (search result)s, on the site's page tree, and in galleries. The name and summary also correspond to the name and summary on the Hub Page item details page. If the page is used as a menu link in a site's header, the label for the menu link will not update to reflect the new page name. For more information, see Change a menu link label.

  1. Open a page in edit mode.
  2. Click Page Info on the side panel.
  3. Update the name and summary.
  4. Click Save to see changes in the editor.

Change thumbnail and description

To change the thumbnail image for a site or page, open its item details page. The thumbnail and description are visible when a site or page is posted to social media.

  1. Open a site or page in edit mode.
  2. Click the more button more actions and choose Edit in ArcGIS Online.
  3. On the item details page for the site or page, click Edit thumbnail and upload an image.
  4. Provide text in the Description section.

    When shared through social media, the thumbnail is visible alongside the item's description.