Get started with the ArcGIS Hub Community organization

The ArcGIS Hub Community is a premium feature that allows you to extend accounts to people outside of your organization. This means that you can collaborate with volunteers, business partners, and students without providing access to authoritative content.

To manage community accounts and content and invite people to join your hub's community organization, you must have administrative access to the hub's community organization.


The login credentials you use to sign in to ArcGIS Hub won't work for the ArcGIS Hub Community. Your ArcGIS Hub Community is a separate ArcGIS Online organization, and you need to use its unique login credentials.

How it works

ArcGIS Hub uses the following two ArcGIS Online subscriptions:

  • Your organization's main subscription to ArcGIS Online—Create and store authoritative content. Staff who have ArcGIS Online credentials can sign in to ArcGIS Hub using these credentials.
  • The ArcGIS Hub Community—Manage community accounts and content. Anyone can create a community account by clicking Sign In on one of your initiative sites or clicking a Follow button on an initiative or event. Users, such as stakeholders or volunteers, can also be invited to join this organization so that they can contribute their own content to an initiative team. The number of community accounts available for use depends on the licensing level. For more information, see Pricing.

These two organizations are linked so that initiative teams can include both internal staff and collaborators from outside the organization. Both organizations are configured when your ArcGIS Hub is activated for the first time. If you started with ArcGIS Hub basic while using your existing ArcGIS Online organization, only the community organization will be created when you license ArcGIS Hub premium.


Community accounts are for public use only. If you have an existing ArcGIS Online account, you don't need to create a community account. If you're a staff member and aren't sure if you have access to your organization's ArcGIS Hub, contact your organization's ArcGIS Online administrator. An administrator will need to set up an ArcGIS Online account for you.

Community account features

By creating a community account, a member becomes a member in your hub's community organization. ArcGIS Hub administrators and staff who are responsible for managing ArcGIS Hub content can see who has joined the community, send updates to them, and invite them to an initiative team.

Community members are given a Creator user type, 500 credits, and a default role of Publisher so that they can do the things listed below.


People do not need an account to view a public site or download open data.

  • Create and manage a user profile.
  • Join an initiative team.
  • Contribute content.
  • Respond to surveys.
  • Sign up to attend events.
  • Follow initiatives to receive updates.
  • Create a web map or story map using shared data.

User roles and privileges can be managed for community members in the same way they are managed for members of your main ArcGIS Online organization. For more information, see Configure member roles.

Sign in configuration

ArcGIS Hub administrators can disable community account creation or configure the sign-experience in the hub's Settings. For more information, see Easier administration with ArcGIS Hub.

Access the community organization

Since the ArcGIS Hub Community is an ArcGIS Online organization, it requires its own set of login credentials. An ArcGIS Hub administrator configures these credentials during initial ArcGIS Hub activation. If you have access to these login credentials, you can follow these steps to sign in.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub with the login credentials you typically use.
  2. On the Overview page, click the Hub dropdown menu and choose Settings.
  3. On the Settings page, click Sign In under Hub Community Organization.