Use web analytics

Use tools that provide web analytics such as Google Analytics, Siteimprove, and Adobe Analytics to track usage of your Hub site. Learn how to find events for your sites in Google Analytics.

Configure web analytics

Site owners and core team members can apply a Google Universal Analytics (UA) tracking ID, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) measurement ID, Siteimprove code, and Adobe Analytics tracking to a site. This information is not used to provide data for the site's dashboard. You can configure web analytics even if activity tracking has been disabled on the site.


Google plans to deprecate Universal Analytics (UA) in July 2023. Site editors can configure the new GA4 option alongside the legacy UA option on the same site to facilitate moving to GA4. Read the Support for Google Analytics 4 Now Available in ArcGIS Hub Community post for details.

  1. Open a site in edit mode.
  2. Click Settings on the side panel.
  3. Open the Tracking and Consent section.

    To remove a tracking ID, delete the ID and other details provided in the field(s).

  4. For Google Analytics, click to toggle on Google Analytics (UA) or Google Analytics (GA4) and provide your UA Tracking ID or GA4 Measurement ID.

    Find your UA Tracking ID in your Google Analytics account. To find your GA4 measurement ID, click on Admin in the sidebar. Under Property, select Tracking Info (UA) and click on Data Streams (GA4) to view Web stream details. Find your measurement ID at the top of the section (starts with G).

  5. For Adobe Analytics, click to toggle on Adobe Analytics and provide your Tracking server, SSL tracking server (optional), and Report suite ID .
  6. For Siteimprove analytics, click to toggle on Siteimprove and provide your Siteimprove code.

    Find your Siteimprove Analytics JavaScript code. Enter only the end part of the Siteimprove code (the part that corresponds to "XXXXX").

  7. Click Save.

Find events in Google Analytics

There are several ways to learn how visitors are using your sites using events in Google Analytics.

  • Most popular pages—On the Google Analytics sidebar under Behavior, select Site Content, then All Pages.
  • Most popular datasets—On the All Pages page, select advanced next to the icons on the side of the page. Type /datasets/ in the text box, making the whole filter Include Page Containing /datasets/. Select apply. The results include the dataset IDs. To find the titles, copy the URL and open it in your browser.

  • Most popular downloads—On the sidebar under Behavior, select Events, then Top Events. In the resulting table, select dataset. From here, you can explore the most popular downloads by type. The results include the dataset IDs. To find the titles, append the ID to your site URL with the following format: [yoursite].com/datasets/[append-ID].

  • Search queries—On the sidebar under Behavior, select Site Search, then Search Terms.


    At this time, Google Analytics does not return metrics when users access data via APIs.