What is ArcGIS Hub?

ArcGIS Hub is a cloud-based engagement platform that enables organizations to communicate more effectively with their communities. Using initiatives, you can create hub sites to aggregate resources and start conversations with internal and public audiences around a specific project, topic, or goal.

What's included

What ArcGIS Hub includes depends on which license you have: ArcGIS Hub Basic or ArcGIS Hub Premium.

If you have an ArcGIS Online account

ArcGIS Hub Basic is available with all ArcGIS Online subscriptions. This means that if you have an ArcGIS Online account through your organization (or institution, company, university, and so on), you can start using ArcGIS Hub today.

You can do the following with ArcGIS Hub Basic:

  • Create unlimited websites and pages using the site editor.
  • Build a catalog of searchable content for each of your sites using the site's content library.
  • Work with colleagues (people who also have an ArcGIS Online account in your organization) by adding them to your site’s core team for shared editing.
  • Access select initiative templates to deploy a set of configurable sites and apps focused on specific topics and solutions.
  • Integrate with ArcGIS Survey123 to share anonymous surveys on your sites and pages.
  • Control who can access your site’s content (including specific items) using sharing controls.

If you're using ArcGIS Hub Premium

ArcGIS Hub Premium expands on ArcGIS Hub Basic functionality by adding initiatives. An initiative is a way for you to create sites and pages that unlock the following features:

  • Choose a template from the template gallery to get started with predesigned sites and configurable applications. Or, you can create a blank custom initiative to design a site that's specific to a unique goal or project.
  • Turn your initiative and its content into templates so that others have access to deployable solutions for their own use.
  • Add community members outside of your employee organization, such as students, volunteers, and partners, to work alongside you and your colleagues when building out your initiative.
  • Create additional supporting teams to share internal content with specific groups of people, including community members.
  • Use the events management system to share details about discussions, forums, and other gatherings related to your initiative.
  • Create templates of an initiative's app so the people with whom it's shared can deploy your solution and configure it with their own data.
  • Share targeted surveys with specific groups, such as supporting teams, to receive follow-up feedback from event attendees or to gain insight from a specific audience.

Ideas and inspiration

Organizations from many sectors, including government, business, education, and nonprofit, use ArcGIS Hub to connect and communicate with internal and public audiences. The following are examples of how you can use ArcGIS Hub to connect with others:

  • Create a data portal for sharing internal GIS data across an organization or with a GIS class.
  • Share open data using the Share Open Data template.
  • Announce proposed plans, projects, and updates relating to a local comprehensive urban plan.
  • Showcase content related to a specific topic, such as research to restore local habitats or efforts to increase volunteer work within a community.
  • Share a volunteer sign-up form as part of your site on increasing volunteer work within a community.
  • Start an outreach campaign with events, surveys, and emails by creating a call-to-action for people to follow your initiative.

For more examples, see the ArcGIS Hub Gallery.