Enable or disable Hub activity tracking

ArcGIS Hub collects anonymous usage statistics for all sites created by its users. These data are used to inform product updates and enhancements. Some of these data are made available to Hub administrators, site owners, and site core team members through the site's dashboard which include data on the following:

  • Views—the number of times the site was visited
  • Sessions—the number of times the site was visited by the same person during a period of time (a session will terminate after a period of 30 minutes of inactivity)
  • Average time on site—an average of the amount of time a visitor spent on the site

Site owners can optionally provide their own Google Analytics tracking IDs and disable tracking on their sites.

Hub Activity tracking

Hub administrators, site owners, and core team members can follow these steps to enable or disable activity tracking on a site.


Data does not include visitors who have declined activity tracking on your site.

  1. Open a site in edit mode.
  2. Select Settings on the side panel.
  3. In the Tracking and consent section, select to toggle on or off Hub Activity tracking.
  4. Select Save.

Disabling activity tracking means that ArcGIS Hub will no longer collect data from your site and data will no longer appear on the site's dashboard.

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