Edit a survey

To edit a survey, you must be an administrator, the survey's owner, or a member of a core team to which the survey is shared.


If all of a survey's items are shared with members of a supporting team with edit access, team members can edit the survey if they have a link to open it. They cannot access surveys as other editors can because they do not have edit access to the site.

Open a survey in edit mode

Follow these steps to start editing a survey:

  1. Open a site in edit mode.
  2. Click the second drop-down menu in the edit navigation bar and click Feedback.
  3. Click on a survey to open the survey editor.

    To edit a survey in ArcGIS Online, click the more button more and click Edit in ArcGIS Online.

Edit the content details page

Anyone who has edit access to a survey can change basic metadata on the survey's content details page.

  1. Open a survey in edit mode.
  2. Click the survey's drop-down menu and click Content Details This page includes the survey's thumbnail and description.

Change style and colors

All new surveys automatically adopt the following colors set in the site's theme settings, but you can edit these colors in the survey editor so that you don't have to change your site's theme:

  • The site's background color sets the survey's background color and background text color.
  • The site's button color sets the survey's component color.
  • The site's body background color is the survey's background color.

To change these colors, open the survey in edit mode and refer to Styles and customization.

Set a display

If a survey has a map question, you can set its display to Map Focused. Surveys that do not have a map question will always use the Standard display.

  1. Open a survey in edit mode.
  2. On the side panel, click Map Display.
  3. Select either the Map Focused or Standard display option.