Share a survey

You can share a survey and its results with groups (teams), your organization, or the public. The survey owner can also keep the survey private which is the default sharing settings for all new surveys.

  1. Open a survey in edit mode.
  2. On the side panel, click the sharing button share and choose Survey or Survey Results.

    The survey (form item) and its results are shared independently of each other. A survey can be public while its results can be shared privately with a core team.

    • Public—Everyone can see the survey or survey results.
    • Organization—All members of the ArcGIS Online organization in which the survey was created can see the survey or survey results.
    • Owner—The survey or survey results can only be viewed by the survey's owner. This is the default sharing level for all new surveys and results.
  3. Note:
    To grant edit access to a team, use the survey's sharing settings to add a core team or supporting team with edit access. You cannot share survey results for editing.