Delete a site

The site’s owner or an administrator can delete the site and any pages attached to it. Deleting a site will also delete the site’s core team group and content group. To delete an individual page, see Delete a page.


If you want to delete an initiative site, you can follow these same steps. In addition to the core team group and content group, the initiative's followers group is also deleted. Supporting teams are not deleted automatically because they can be used across multiple initiative sites.

  1. Open a site in edit mode.
  2. Click the more button more actions and choose Delete Site.
  3. Review the Deleting a site message and click Next.

    If you created any pages for a site or any items by clicking New in the Content Library, you can delete all of them by choosing Delete all items. Choosing Delete site and all pages owned by this site deletes the site and all pages created for it, but does not delete items created for the site with the New button.

  4. Click Next and provide the site's URL in the safety confirmation field.
  5. Click Confirm Deletion.