Zone Lookup

Zone Lookup allows users to search for an address or use their current location to identify locations that are within a zone or region. With this app, users can learn more about a location and features of interest in the surrounding area. Grouping results by layer provides an organized view of search results. You can also include a screenshot tool to capture images of the map with the search results. (To learn more, see the blog article about using Zone Lookup.)


Choose this template to create an app for use cases such as the following examples:

  • Facilitate finding hurricane evacuation zones by address in an emergency.
  • Build an app to identify school districts based on address or location.
  • Provide city planning information by zone or area.

Data requirements

The Zone Lookup app requires a feature layer to take full advantage of its capabilities.

App capabilities

The following list includes key settings and capabilities that you can configure for this app:

  • Cover page—Include a cover page with custom text and logos to establish the purpose of the app.
  • Results—Customize result panel location information with feature attributes from a configured pop-up.

    The Search tool configuration in your app must include a Locator source to return results when users click the map to search.

  • Results-focused layout—Keep the map out of the app to maintain focus on the search and results.
  • Attribute filter—Configure map filter options that are available to app users.
  • Draw a zone—Allows app users to draw a search zone in the map.
  • Layer effects—Use layer effects to differentiate between features included and excluded in a filter, and specify how features are emphasized and de-emphasized when a filter is applied using the legend.
  • Result map scale—Set a map scale for displaying results after a search is performed to override the default map scale or buffer extent.
  • Spatial relationship—Choose a method for finding polygon or line features within a zone or drawn area. Contains returns results for which the entire feature is completely within the search zone. Intersects returns all features inside the search zone and any that intersect it.
  • Directions—Provide directions from a searched location to a result location.
  • Show selected result only—Displays the selected result feature in the map while hiding the other features.
  • Language switcher—Provide translations for custom text and create a multilingual app.
  • Selection colors—Specify the fill and outline colors for highlighting selected features in the map.
  • Basemap toggle—Change the look of the map by switching to a different basemap.
  • Screenshot—Capture an image of the map to export and an option to include search results.
  • Export—Print or export the search results as a .pdf file that includes the pop-up content of returned features and an option to include the map.
  • Export to CSV—Download the search results as a .csv file.

All Instant Apps templates include settings for a Home button and zoom controls, a legend, and the ability to search the map or data.