Use the Portfolio template to showcase different types of related ArcGIS content. Create and reorder sections that users can navigate to view maps, scenes, and apps, PDF and image files, and embedded web pages (such as video links from Vimeo and YouTube). With the navigation bar, users can choose items to interact with or choose autoplay to move through content automatically. (To learn more, see the blog article about using Portfolio.)


Choose this template to create an app for use cases such as the following examples:

  • Compare changes in population and employment for a geographic area over time with multiple maps.
  • Create a presentation about the most visited national parks.
  • Share updates with the public about transportation developments in a region.

Data requirements

The Portfolio app has no specific data requirements. If you add a section using a URL for a website, the web page must meet the following security requirements to be shown as a live embed in the app's main stage.

  • Web page must use https protocol.
  • Content for the specified URL must allow embedding. (A message appears in the configuration window to let you know if embedding is restricted.)
  • Web page cannot host a PDF. (To include a PDF in the app, add a section from the file directly instead.)

App capabilities

The following list includes key settings and capabilities that you can configure for this app:

  • Play—Provide a play button for app users to cycle through the sections. You can also choose to hide the next and previous buttons in the control panel for navigating sections.
  • Preload—Loads the content for all sections when users open the app instead of loading the content as they open each section.
  • Bookmarks—Zooms and pans the map to a collection of preset extents that are saved in the map.
  • Cover page—Create a page that appears when users open the app and that includes information to establish your app's purpose.
  • Map location options—Define an initial location for maps and scenes when users view them in the app or allow users to search for their location.
  • Multiple layouts—Change the default layout from carousel to tabbed or accordion based on how much information you provide in the navigation bar. The accordion layout displays expandable sections in a side panel, allowing more space for detailed descriptions. The tabbed layout works well for content without thumbnails.
  • Section descriptions—Provide custom descriptions or display content from the item details for ArcGIS items. Optionally, hide the terms of use content and exclude the link for opening maps in Map Viewer or Scene Viewer.

All Instant Apps templates include settings for a Home button and zoom controls, a legend, and the ability to search the map or data.