Use the Exhibit app template to create a linear, interactive presentation by authoring a collection of slides to show different views of a map or scene. For each slide, you can change layer visibility and the basemap, include a pop-up for a specific feature, apply a layer filter, and provide a title and notes. If applicable, you can import bookmarks from the map to create slides. (To learn more, see the blog article about using Exhibit.)


If you preview the app before creating it and the preselected map includes bookmarks, the app preview displays a slide for each bookmark so you can see how it works. When you create the app, you must click Import bookmarks in the Exhibit settings to generate slides from bookmarks in the final app.


Choose this template to create an app for use cases such as the following examples:

  • Showcase multiple sites on a map by configuring the app to automatically play through the slides.
  • Create a map of a national park to highlight amenities, showing different layers on each slide.
  • Present a map with sketch layers that emphasize various elements of the same data.

Data requirements

The Exhibit app has no specific data requirements.

App capabilities

The following list includes key settings and capabilities that you can configure for this app:

  • Layer visibility and Basemap—Change layer visibility and the basemap for each slide.
  • Include pop-up—Include a pop-up for a selected feature to be open by default on a slide.
  • Slide note—Add a slide title and slide notes with descriptions and images to provide additional context. Each slide can have up to two slide notes, for which you can choose a color and position. (In mobile views, slide notes display on the opposite side of pop-ups.)
  • Attribute filter—Apply a layer filter to emphasize specific features in the map.
  • Cover page—Include a cover page with custom text and logos to establish the purpose of the app.
  • Control panel options—Provide a play button and turn on the option to automatically play the slideshow when users open the app so they can advance through slides without requiring additional interaction. Allow users to jump to any slide in the app and share the current slide by exporting it as a PDF or copying a direct URL.

All Instant Apps templates include settings for a Home button and zoom controls, a legend, and the ability to search the map or data.