Publish hosted 3D tiles layers

You can upload a 3D tiles layer package file (.3tz) and publish a hosted 3D tiles layer from it.

Follow these steps to publish a 3D tiles layer from a 3D tiles package file:

  1. Verify that you are signed in to the organization and that you have privileges to create content and publish hosted tile layers.
  2. On the My content tab of the content page, click New item.
  3. Choose Tile layer.
  4. Choose 3D tiles layer and click Next.
  5. Use one of the following methods to choose the 3D tiles layer:
    • Drag the file from an explorer window on your local machine onto the Create a tile layer window.
    • Click Your device, browse to the file, and select it.
  6. Choose the option to add the file and create a hosted 3D tiles layer.

    If you choose the option to add the 3D tiles package file only, you can subsequently publish a layer from the item page of the 3D tiles package.

  7. Choose a type from the Layer type drop-down list.

    This information will be stored with the 3D tiles layer package item and 3D tiles layer item to indicate how they can be used.

    Even if you do not publish now, the 3D tiles package item will store this information and use it when you do publish a layer.

    • Integrated mesh—Use for textured continuous meshes that capture realistic features that contain all information in one layer such as buildings, vegetation, and terrain. These types of layers can be used in Scene Viewer or ArcGIS Pro 3.2 or later.
    • 3D objects—Use for discrete objects modeled in 3 dimensions such as buildings. 3D objects can be textured or untextured and often contain attribute information. These types of layers can be used in ArcGIS Pro 3.2 and later.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Type a title.
  10. Choose a folder in My content where you want to save the item.
  11. If your organization has set up content categories, click Assign categories and select up to 20 categories to help people find the item.

    You can also start typing a category name to narrow the list of categories.

  12. Optionally, type tag terms separated by commas.

    Tags are words or short phrases that describe your item and help people find your item when searching. Federal land is considered one tag, while Federal,land is considered two tags.

  13. Optionally, type a summary that describes the data.
  14. Click Save.

The 3D tiles package and 3D tiles layer are created as separate items in your My content page. To make either item available to others, share it.