Items in ArcGIS Online

Items are the contents made available through ArcGIS Online. Items include content such as files, layers (services), maps, scenes, apps, tools, and templates.

A set of items is available to you automatically from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. In most cases, though, members will create or add more items to the organization.

Some items are added as a result of the process of creating the content. For example, when you run an analysis tool, it may create a layer item that contains the analysis results. Similarly, when you create a dashboard or template in other apps, or when you create and save a map or scene, those are saved as items in the organization. Items are also created when you add files to Map Viewer.

In other cases, the content exists elsewhere—such as a file stored on your hard drive, a service available over the internet or your intranet, or an app or file available through a URL. You can add this content to make it available as an item in your organization if you have privileges to create content.

You can add the following existing content as an item using the New item option:

When an item is added, the date that the item was created is recorded and displayed at the top of the Overview tab of the item's details page.

The items you add are accessible only to you until you share them with others.

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