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Get started with administration

Step 1
1Configure site
Step 2
2Invite members
Step 3
3Organize and share content
Step 4
4Get apps
Step 5
5Monitor usage

As an administrator, you can use the organization page to set up your ArcGIS Online organization and website the way you want them. The organization page is divided into tabs to help you perform a variety of administrative tasks:

1. Configure website

As the designated administrator of your ArcGIS organization, your first step is to activate your subscription. This includes some initial setup of your organization site. You can then configure the site to meet the needs of your organization by customizing the look and feel and setting up preferences. For example, you can add a logo and banner, feature your organization's content on the home page, and create your own map and app galleries. You can also control access through security settings, custom roles, and credit allocations.

2. Invite members

One of your administrative tasks is to invite or add members to join your organization. You decide how to manage account access—using the built-in security provided by ArcGIS, using your organization's own identity management system or a combination of both. You can send invitations to preestablished user names and existing users, add members automatically without sending an email, and set up enterprise logins.

3. Organize and share content

Organize your content into groups that are meaningful to the work you do. Highlight your organization’s featured content in galleries. You control who has access. You can keep items private until you’re ready to share them with another person, the entire organization, or the world at large.

4. Get apps

ArcGIS includes a wide range of apps that help your members get their work done. Many come automatically with your subscription and others can be purchased through ArcGIS Marketplace. Specify which members have access to add-on apps by managing licenses.

5. Monitor usage

Keep your organization running smoothly by viewing status reports about its usage. Access activity-based metrics, real-time reports, and other useful information. Anticipate costs by understanding credits.

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Use these resources to learn more about administering your organization: