What's new

The March 2022 update includes enhancements and new functionality throughout the ArcGIS Online website. Highlights are provided below. For more information, see the What's new in ArcGIS Online blog article.


  • The Flow smart mapping style in Map Viewer allows you to display vector field data in imagery layers using animated streamlines and wavefronts to represent direction and magnitude.
  • You can now duplicate feature layers in Map Viewer, allowing you to configure styling, pop-ups, and filtering based on multiple values in the same map without affecting the configuration of the source layer.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now available to help you complete common workflows. To view the full list of keyboard shortcuts in Map Viewer, press Alt+? on Windows or Option+? on Mac.
  • You can now add search results to a new or existing sketch layer in Map Viewer. Search results are saved with the map and each location or feature's style and pop-up can be configured in the sketch layer.
  • Map Viewer now supports nested group layers, simplifying visualization and review of complex data.
  • You can now add guide lines, or ranges, to charts in Map Viewer as a reference or way to highlight significant values.

3D visualization

You can now add voxel scene layers, which display multidimensional volumetric 3D or 4D data, to local scenes in Scene Viewer. You can visualize atmospheric or oceanic data, geological underground models, or space-time cubes using voxel scene layers.

Sharing and collaboration

Two new privileges—Reassign content and Receive content—allow organization members to transfer content between them. Organization members can reassign content they own to other members without having to ask an administrator to perform the change.

App configuration

  • ArcGIS Dashboards includes several updates. You can now choose where to add elements on your dashboard using the add element option on the toolbar and selecting where on your dashboard layout to add the element. Additionally, action configuration is now more intuitive, allowing authors to see a list of all possible actions and enable the ones they want. Other updates include a new color picker and a new user interface for configuring elements. For more information, see What's new in ArcGIS Dashboards.
  • Two new widgets are available in ArcGIS Experience Builder. Directions calculates routes between two or more stops. Draw allows you to create graphics for points, lines, and polygons on the map. Other enhancements include support for two dimensional lists, the ability to format numbers in dynamic content expression, and more. For more information, see What's new in Experience Builder.
  • ArcGIS Instant Apps includes several updates. The new Exhibit app provides a sequential presentation that tells a story using interactive slides with different map extents, which you can import from bookmarks, and unique layer visibility, basemaps, filters, and sketches. Attachment Viewer has a new setting that allows app users to update feature attributes on editable layers. Portfolio offers two new layouts and the ability to include web pages. For more information, see What's new in Instant Apps.

Data management

  • An improved editing experience for feature layers in Map Viewer includes an enhanced Editor pane and new snapping options.
  • Owners of hosted tiled imagery layers can export the layer to a tile package.
  • A new option is available when you create a custom editing form for a web map. You can now build calculated expressions that automatically populate fields in editable feature layers in the web map. Use Arcade to build the expressions that will calculate a value for the field. By automatically populating the field, you save time for editors and enforce data integrity.

Accounts and administration

  • ArcGIS Online organizations can set up hierarchical categories for organizing members according to characteristics, such as department, location, and expertise. Administrators and members with the appropriate privileges can use these member categories to filter the list of members on the organization page Members tab and when inviting members to groups. Member categories are also displayed on the member's user settings page.
  • The experience for creating and scheduling administrative reports has been improved, including a new link for accessing report field details on the Reports page. You can also delete reports directly on the Reports page, and feature storage and file storage sizes are now reported in megabytes (MB) in item reports.
  • You can now include images with links on your organization home page.
  • Organization members and other users may be prompted to verify their email address when signing in. Verifying that email addresses are valid helps ArcGIS Online users and administrators receive critical information from ArcGIS Online, such as password resets and account changes.